The Forsythia is Blooming – It’s Time to Prune Your Roses

One of the sure signs that spring has arrived is the appearance of the lovely bright yellow Forsythia blooms. I’m usually so desperate for color after long Ohio winters, I swear I hear angel choirs singing when I see Forsythias in full bloom.

Forsythia blooms can light up the landscape.

I’m a visual person and a really great yearly reminder to do my spring pruning is when I see those pretty Forsythia blooms dotting yards all around town. So let this (extremely brief) blog be a reminder for you and for me to get those hand pruners cleaned and sharpened and get those fertilizers purchased because it’s “Go time” in our flower gardens. Yay!

Forsythia provides valuable early season pollen for our pollinators.

If you are wondering what I use to fertilize my roses, I use Espoma Rose Tone. I’ve given you a link here so you can see what it looks like, but if you can find it at your local garden center it will most likely be cheaper.

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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Products I use and (therefore) recommend:

Planty friends – Feel free to use these links to the products that I use for my houseplants.  I receive a small percentage of any sales through these links, so feel free not to use them if that bothers you.

Horticultural 1/4” pumice –

Horticultural perlite –

Coco coir –

Orchid Bark – Extra small chips –

Orchid Bark – Small chips –

Earthworm castings –

Coco Loco potting mix –

GE Balanced Spectrum grow light bulb –

Monios L LED grow lights – 2 ft. –

Heat Mat (for propagating) –

Heat Mat w/ Thermostat –

Bonsai scissors –

Hygrometer (humidity monitor) –

Moisture meter sticks –

Horticultural charcoal –

Organic houseplant fertilizer liquid –

Insecticide/Miticide – (many bug sprays don’t kill spider mites, this one does) –

Systemic houseplant insecticide –

Espoma Rose Tone (fertilizer for roses and flowering perennials) –

Full disclosure – the last four product links will be much cheaper if you can find them in your local garden center.  I’ve put them here so that you can see what they are called and what they look like, but I’d advise that you buy from these links only as a last resort.

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