Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Houseplant Lovers

If you have someone if your life who loves houseplants, this list of gift ideas is for you. I’ve included all items that I use almost daily for my own plants; I wouldn’t recommend things that I don’t own or use frequently. I ordered the gifts from least expensive to most expensive and I think I’ve given some good ideas at all price ranges. I’ve also included links for each gift so that you can see the item. The links may be affiliate links which means that I will earn (an embarrassingly small) percentage from any purchase made from the links. If you don’t like that idea, I understand; simply don’t purchase from the links. I hope you enjoy my list.

#10 – Stainless Steel Chopsticks – One of the tools I use almost daily for my houseplants are chopsticks. There are so many uses for chopsticks with my houseplants. I use chopsticks to keep the potting mix from compacting around the roots of my plants, which is an important part of keeping plants healthy and happy. I use them when I’m repotting my plants since they are perfect for arranging the roots gently in a pot. Another use for chopsticks is poking holes in potting mix when I am propagating plants. Their uses are endless.

#9 – Hygrometer – Also called a humidity meter, this little gadget can be immensely useful for houseplant parents. They will tell the current temperature and percentage of humidity in a room. Another helpful use for a humidity monitor is that they record the highest and lowest temperature and humidity readings from the past 24 hour period. This is an appropriate gift for beginners or experienced plant collectors. There is so much value in knowing the humidity reading in your home.

#8 – Acrylic Rainbows – When my plant collection started really growing, I realized that I wanted to introduce more color around my plants. So I started making these acrylic rainbows which bring a bright, happy pop of color next to my plants. Once I’d made a few, I was hooked and now I have them around many of my plants and I sell them in my Etsy shop.

I originally created acrylic rainbows to use under plant pots, but realized that they are much too pretty for that use.

#7 – Potting Mat – Repotting houseplants can be quite messy and a potting mat is a great way to minimize the mess. Most of the mats are waterproof, so whatever surface they are covering will be protected from moisture damage. When you are done repotting, simply fold the mat in half and you can easily tip the used potting mix, LECA or pon where ever you want it to go. The mat wipes clean easily and then folds up into a neat square and can be stored almost anywhere. They are really useful tools.

#6 – Watering Can – If you like the idea of a decorative but also useful houseplant tool, how about a watering can? These houseplant watering cans come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. And if you were wondering why a houseplant lover needs a watering can just for houseplants, let me help. Watering houseplants can be a tricky business since they are generally sitting near other objects, other plants and sometimes in difficult to reach places. An indoor plant watering can is usually small so that it can fit in tight spaces and will have a long spout to help reach plants that are hard to reach.

#5 – Mister – These delightful little plant misters serve dual purposes, providing mist for plants but also adding a delightful decorative element to a shelf. The one I have linked is the pretty silver one I use. But there are many different variations; some with colored glass, copper or brass. The prices are pretty reasonable too.

#4 – Bonsai Scissors – Even though I am not very talented at the art of bonsai, I very much enjoy using bonsai scissors for my plants. Our houseplants need pruning once they start putting on growth and many people enjoy propagating their plants as well. A good pair of bonsai scissors is invaluable for these tasks. I am also going to link a cheaper pair of scissors and also a longer pair of scissors for the hard to reach cuttings.

#3 – Felco 6 Hand Pruners – These pruners will be for those houseplant people that enjoy dabbling in plant propagation. Hand pruners aren’t necessary for propagating small or delicate plants. These pruners are for people who are cutting their Monsteras and mature Philodendrons; plants that have nice thick stems. You may ask, “Why can’t I use any brand of hand pruners to cut my houseplants?” The answer is simple, my friends. Once we have spent (sometimes lots) of money on plants and have grown them carefully for years, we shouldn’t risk damaging those plants with subpar hand pruners which will crush the stems. Felco pruners are far superior to any other pruners on the market. Take it from me (I used work in a vineyard where I had pruners in my hand literally all day) the Felco pruners are worth every penny.

#2 – Elechomes Humidifier – Keeping plants happy indoors usually means running a humidifier. There are hundreds of different brands and styles out there, but I have chosen this humidifier for several reasons. This humidifier is a top fill which is an absolute game changer. During the winter months, I have to refill my humidifiers often and the easy access of a top fill humidifier is invaluable. This particular model holds almost two gallons of water which helps reduce the number of times it has to be refilled. The top fill option also means that this humidifier is much easier to clean. Cleaning humidifiers is not my favorite activity and making it an easier task is very, very worthwhile.

#1 – Dyson Cordless Vacuum – A couple of years ago, my hubby and I bought this vacuum and it is one of the best things we’ve ever purchased. My whole family uses this vacuum daily all around the house. But since this blog is about houseplants, let me point out its usefulness in that capacity. Where there are plants, there is soil. Enough said. Actually, I use my Dyson more frequently to clean up underneath my blooming Hoya plants than anything else. They can really make a mess with the constant dropping of spent blooms. The Dyson has incredible suction power and is easily extendable to help reach up high or down low. It holds its charge for weeks (with daily use) and because it’s cordless, it can go anywhere. We’ve owned all the other small handheld vacuum options and none of them even come close. It’s completely worth the price, in my opinion.

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Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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