Kindness Still Exists – Especially in the Plant World

A few weeks ago I received a letter in the mail addressed to “Person with Beautiful Flowers”. I won’t rewrite it here, but what I can tell you is it was one of the kindest gestures I’ve ever experienced. A sweet woman, that I’ve never met in my life, sent me a letter telling me that she purposefully drove past my house to see my flowers.

I know she must be a plant person because only another plant lover would appreciate the effort and dedication it takes to keep annual flowers looking good for the entire growing season.

And they were glorious, my friends. Non-stop beautiful colors that just kept spilling further down the front of our porch.

I have three hayrack planters across our front porch.

That kindness really meant a lot. After all, we do plant flowers to bring beauty to our homes; for everyone who sees our homes to appreciate. So I guess that’s mission accomplished.

Today is the day that I’m finally going to remove my flowers. Honestly, they are still looking pretty good. But it’s been a long season and they are reaching their limit. I don’t want to leave them out looking tired and stressed. It will be sad and the front of our house will certainly look pretty bare without them.

Now I get to plan what plants I will use next year (I’m actually grinning like a crazy person at the thought.)

Our house sits really close to a busy intersection with a stop sign right in front. So I felt like my flowers should be looking good for the whole season.
This soft colors combination of petunias and million bells was my favorite.

Would you be interested to know what steps I took to keep my flowers looking great all season? Would you like to know which flowers I used? Comment and let me know!

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

7 thoughts on “Kindness Still Exists – Especially in the Plant World

  1. Your plants are beautiful, and yes I’d be interested in hearing how you kept them beautiful all season. Thanks for having them for drivers to admire. What’s in the pot to the right of the house, the green is a vibrant color and adds a nice contrast.


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