Rhaphidophora or Cebu Blue Pothos???

This past summer, in the plant world, there was this whole thing about how a mature form Cebu Blue Pothos plant looks shockingly similar to a Rhaphidophora tetrasperma. And because Rhaphis are so sought after, it was inevitable that plant shops would start selling Cebu Blue Pothos (in mature form) as Rhaphis.

Of course, my question is, “Honest mistake or straight deceit?”

So that brings me to my own experience with this question. I just this week received a plant labeled as a Rhaphidophora. Only I’m having some serious doubts as to its authenticity as a Rhaphi. And I wish that the answer was an easy one. Unfortunately for me, Rhaphis belong to the Aroid family, many members of which take drastically different forms as juvenile plants as compared to their mature plant form.

You may know from my previous blog that I already own a Rhaphidophora. I bought this new one from a different online plant shop. And they do not look like each other. At all…

They have differently colored leaves; one blueish and one a much deeper green. The new plant has longer, narrower leaves. The OG plant has heart shaped leaves with deep fenestrations. Could this just be the difference between a juvenile and mature form of the same plant?

Yes. The answer is yes.

But could this also be two completely different genera of plants?

Yes. The answer is yes. (Insert several minutes here for me to bang my head against the wall.) Yes, the two plants (mature form Cebu Blue Pothos and Rhaphidophora) look remarkably similar. The really super unfortunate thing is that I have paid a lot of money (for me) for both of these plants. And the thought of some devious vendor selling me a Pothos plant, even a Cebu Blue Pothos plant, at a Rhaphidophora tetrasperma price makes my blood boil.

So, my friends, I’d love to have your help and input with this issue! I’ve included a link to a video I posted earlier today on my YouTube that shows both of the plants so you can see them together. Help me! Please!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

13 thoughts on “Rhaphidophora or Cebu Blue Pothos???

  1. Hey girl, I don’t have neither but they are on my wish list. They both are very pretty and unique, sorry I don’t know much about them but to me they look about the same. Hopefully someone more experienced can help. Good luck


  2. I do think they are different plants, and I hope the seller didn’t send you a cebu blue at the price of a tetrasperma plant either. I guess time will tell, they are both a pretty plant!


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