My 5 Favorite Houseplants – Winter 2019

This will be a quick one, my friends. Just sharing a few of my favorite plant babies with a few of my favorite planty friends. Here are my five favorite plants right at the moment.

My choice for plant #5 is my Xerocisyos danguyi, commonly known as Silver Dollar Vine.

You can see the perfectly round, deliciously plump leaves that have captured my fancy. It’s a simple beauty; one of those plants that compliments the foliage of all of the other plants around it. Do you have any of those plants? The ones who make every other plant look great? (Comment down below if you have a plant that makes everything around it look good.) My Xerocisyos does that so well.

Coming in at #4 on this list is my Philodendron ‘Florida Beauty’.

A new leaf coming through…it should be opening right in time for Christmas 🙂

We had a really rough start when this plant came in the mail with (I’m 99.9% positive) a spider mite infestation. I’ve spent months getting the spider mites under control and several other plants were compromised in the process. That wasn’t fun. But this plant really is a lovely Philodendron with an attractive growth habit and fantastic leaves. The only problem with my P. ‘Florida Beauty’ is it’s made me wish for a P. ‘Florida Ghost’.

For the #3 plant, I’ve chosen my Calathea musaica.

My Calathea musaica 2.0

Well…if you’ve read my very first blog (here’s the link), you’ll know that I’ve killed one of these before. To be more specific, I think my first C. musaica was a victim of the sneaky spider mite infestation started by my P. ‘Florida Beauty’. (Insert head banging against the wall.) I’m pleased to report my second musaica is doing well. I figure if I can get her through winter successfully, we’re golden.

Plant #2 is my Rhaphidophora tetrasperma.

I actually have two Rhaphis; one that is a tissue culture plant and one grown from a cutting. They are drastically different in their growth patterns, which I’ve previously blogged about (here’s the link), but the one doing the majority of the growing is my tissue culture plant. Its growth is lightening fast and has not slowed at all for winter. I’m actually going to have to replace it’s climbing pole with a taller one really soon.

My #1 plant for the winter of 2019 is my Philodendron plowmanii.

Leaves shaped like huge hearts with beautiful mint green detail are so appealing to me, especially when I am missing the warmth of the growing season. As this plant matures, it will develop ruffles (yes, ruffles!) down the stems. I’ll be sure and post some information and photos when she decides to start giving me new growth. For now, I’m happy to just sit and stare at my precious gift from my precious husband.

I hope this was fun to read. Let me know in the comments your top 5 favorite plants for the winter of 2019. I’d love to see your favs!

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Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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