My 2019 Wishlist Plants – Did I Get Them?

The other day I was wondering which wish list plants I had found this year. I couldn’t even remember which plants had been on my wish list in the first place. So I thought it might be fun to look back through my wish list, plant by plant, and see what I found and didn’t find. Sound good to you?

(Here’s a link to my 2019 wish list video on my YouTube channel.)

Wish List Plant #1 – Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

Yep! Actually, I purchased three of these plants in this past year. Rhaphis are becoming much easier to find, have you noticed? The first one I purchased on Etsy (seriously tempted to put a crappy seller on blast here) ended up dying within 7 or 8 days. Huge waste of money. There wasn’t even a node to save. It was tragic. The other two are happy and healthy. Let me know in the comments if you’d be interested on a detailed blog on caring for a Rhaphidophora tetrasperma.

Wish List Plant #2 – Calathea musaica

Yes, I bought two of these plants this past year. The first one died a slow and terrible death. I strongly suspect that it was spider mites but I didn’t discover the infestation until later and therefore cannot state that for sure. But, my poor Calathea was in the same area as the infestation and the damage on the leaves looked similar to the damage I found on other plants later.

The initial death of my first musaica really put me off of Calatheas in general and is the reason I didn’t pursue any of the other Calatheas on my wish list. Until I had the opportunity to buy another. My sweet husband talked me into trying it again and I’m so glad I listened to him. It really is a wonderful, easy-going plant. As long as it’s not suffering a spider mite infestation. Be sure to comment below if you would be interested in a detailed care blog for the Calathea musaica.

Wish List Plant #3 – Stromanthe ‘Magic Star’

No, I never brought one of these plants home. I did actually have several chances to buy this plant. I only have ever seen it at one garden center in Columbus, but each time I found some Stromanthe they seemed to be unhealthy plants. Honestly, I had so much fear from dealing with pest issues that I didn’t want to risk any further infestations. On a side note, I haven’t seen any Stromanthe in garden centers recently. I’m not sure why.

Wish List Plant #4 – Philodendron ‘Red Emerald’

I did buy this plant. It was the first plant I crossed off of my wish list this year. I found it on an Etsy shop right after I uploaded my video and had it about a week later. Would I buy it again? That’s a good question. My plant hasn’t wow’d me with crazy growth so I haven’t staked it yet. Because I haven’t given it a stake (I think), it hasn’t been giving me decently sized leaves. Instead I keep getting excited when a new leaf is emerging only to be disappointed when it opens as a small and rather unexciting leaf. So far I’d say it’s been an underwhelming plant. But I do reserve the option to change my mind.

Mind changing is a woman’s prerogative after all.

Wish List Plant #5 – Jungle Cacti

That is not a plant. It is many plants and I’m not sure why I was so vague on my wish list but I have added several jungle cacti to my plant collection. The crazy thing is I found a whole load of jungle cacti all at the same garden center. I did make a video showing them all (here’s the video link). Let’s see…I a found Rhipsalis pilocarpa also know as a Pencil Cactus and two small cuttings of an Orchid cactus. Those were just labeled as Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus. Which I find really annoying, but I have no other way to ID these plants until they bloom. The next plants I found there were two Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa. I potted them up together and they are growing beautifully. Another really great grower I got in that haul is my Rhipsalis teres also commonly called Old Man’s Beard. It’s like the classic Rhipsalis plant that can look like a green version of Cousin It. I’m sure you’ve seen it on Instagram. My favorite plant from that fantastic epiphyte haul is my Rhipsalis paradoxa also known commonly as a Chain Cactus. These started as three small cuttings and have grown out beautifully. There really isn’t any other epiphyte quite like it and I’m completely smitten. All of the plants in this group are super easy care plants that I’d recommend to anyone who likes low maintenance plants. If you are interested in a detailed care blog on any of these jungle cacti, please list which ones in the comments section of this blog.

Wish List Plant #6 – Hoya obovata

Got it! This was another Etsy purchase and it is an okay plant. I haven’t owned it for too long, a couple of months at the most, and no new growth as of yet. If you know anything about this plant, it is said to be extremely slow growing. And so far, I find that to be very true. I won’t be doing a care video or blog on this one yet because I haven’t really owned it long enough to be a reliable source of experience and information.

Wish List Plant #7 – Hoya matilde

Got it! This one really felt like a victory. I had a terrible time finding one of these darling Hoyas. Again, it was an Etsy purchase. And again, I’m not terribly pleased with this purchase. The plant is a small cutting and has done zero growing in my care. If I had the chance to buy a larger, healthier plant, I would.

Wish List Plant #8 – Calathea rotundifolia

Wow is this a pretty Calathea. But I did not buy this plant. I had the chance to buy it twice this year but chose not to based on my aforementioned aversion to hard-to-grow Calathea plants.

Wish List Plant #9 – Hoya pubicalyx ‘Royal Hawaiian Purple’

Yes! I found this plant just a week ago and it still hasn’t even arrived yet. But I’m so excited to have it on the way. I do have another Hoya pubicalyx, but it is a different cultivar and I have no idea which one it is. Again, I probably won’t know until it decides to give me flowers.

Wish List Plant #10 – Calathea ‘White Star’

No. I’m sorry to say I still have not even seen this plant for sale in the U.S. I’m sure that it will make its way over here eventually. Have you seen it anywhere in the U.S.? If so, and you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to know where you’ve run across this beauty. I guess I will have to add this Calathea to my 2020 Wish List.

Wish List Plant #11 – Peperomia piccolo banda

I have wanted this plant for a looooong time. I’ve had several chances to buy this plant recently but haven’t. And as I am writing this, I’m not even sure why I haven’t pulled the trigger. I still drool when I see this plant on Instagram. I still think it’s one of the coolest Peperomias out there. I don’t know, my friends. I’m just not gaga anymore. So I didn’t get this plant and it’s also not going to be on my 2020 wish list.

Wish List Plant #12 – Calathea leopardina

I didn’t find this plant. I haven’t even really been seeing it around in garden centers or on social media. Which is puzzling because this plant is seriously gorgeous. I hope it gains in popularity because it is going on my 2020 wish list for sure.

Wish List Plant #13 – Philodendron hastatum ‘Silver Sword’

I am thrilled to say I do have a Silver Sword. It is one of my most houseplants. The leaves of this Philo are so unique in color while being familiar in shape to many other Philodendrons. What a beautiful plant.

Did you get all of the plants on your 2019 wish list? I hope so! I want to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2020. And…of course…

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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