My 10 Favorite Hoyas – Winter 2021 Edition

I just made it through a long dry spell where I fell out of love with my Hoyas. Perhaps nursing multiple cases of root rot caused my apathy, we may never know for sure. Ha. What I can say is that I’m thrilled to be loving my Hoyas again. 10. Hoya lacunosa (Black) – IContinue reading “My 10 Favorite Hoyas – Winter 2021 Edition”

Houseplant Wishlist 2021

Have you made a houseplant wish for 2021? I just made mine and it was harder than I would have thought. My house is at maximum capacity for plants at this point so any new plants that I buy come at the cost of getting rid of one of my other plants. There’s just noContinue reading “Houseplant Wishlist 2021”

My 2019 Wishlist Plants – Did I Get Them?

The other day I was wondering which wish list plants I had found this year. I couldn’t even remember which plants had been on my wish list in the first place. So I thought it might be fun to look back through my wish list, plant by plant, and see what I found and didn’tContinue reading “My 2019 Wishlist Plants – Did I Get Them?”