My Five Favorite Houseplants – Winter 2023

It’s true that my favorite plants can change daily, but I thought it would be fun to share my current favorites with you. #5 – Network Calathea (Goeppertia kegeljanii (formerly Calathea musaica)) – I have killed one or two of these plants in the past, but this third one is thriving in my care. I’mContinue reading “My Five Favorite Houseplants – Winter 2023”

My 10 Favorite Hoyas – Winter 2021 Edition

I just made it through a long dry spell where I fell out of love with my Hoyas. Perhaps nursing multiple cases of root rot caused my apathy, we may never know for sure. Ha. What I can say is that I’m thrilled to be loving my Hoyas again. 10. Hoya lacunosa (Black) – IContinue reading “My 10 Favorite Hoyas – Winter 2021 Edition”

My Current Top Five Favorite Houseplants

My favorite plants change on a regular basis, so don’t hold me to this list in a few weeks time. But for now, these are my favorite plants. #5 – Peace Lily ‘Platinum Mist’ (Spathiphyllum ‘Platinum Mist’) – My Platinum Mist is still going strong. It is such a beautiful and easy care plant. TheContinue reading “My Current Top Five Favorite Houseplants”

Houseplant Wishlist 2021

Have you made a houseplant wish for 2021? I just made mine and it was harder than I would have thought. My house is at maximum capacity for plants at this point so any new plants that I buy come at the cost of getting rid of one of my other plants. There’s just noContinue reading “Houseplant Wishlist 2021”

I Tried to Buy a Hoya Lisa – Ebay Failure

How many times must I purchase a Hoya on eBay before I learn my lesson? That is the question. The answer (apparently) is 2,459 times. Let me explain. It’s simple, really. I saw some crappy pictures of a plant that I wanted and I pressed a button that says “Buy it now”. What I shouldContinue reading “I Tried to Buy a Hoya Lisa – Ebay Failure”

I’m President of the Yellow Leaf Club

Are you one of our members? I hope not because it means you may be feeling sad and most likely inadequate too. But if you are one of our sad members, maybe this blog will offer you some hope. And help. Let me be honest…writing this blog has left me feeling super vulnerable. Because whenContinue reading “I’m President of the Yellow Leaf Club”

How Many Hoyas Can I Fit in My House?

It seems like that has been the question I have been attempting to answer around here. The only indoor plants I have purchased in the last six months have been Hoyas. No exceptions that I can remember. I guess Hoyas are my new favorites. Gone are the days when I was happy bringing in aContinue reading “How Many Hoyas Can I Fit in My House?”

Pink Plants for Your Valentine

Pink plant #10 – Syngonium podophyllum ‘Pink’ Let’s start this list with a super easy care houseplant. This one needs medium/bright indirect light and water every 7-10 days. And they are available as really large full plants or as a small windowsill plant, whatever you’d like. A sweet plant for your sweet Valentine. Pink plantContinue reading “Pink Plants for Your Valentine”

My Very First Hoya is Blooming!

I’m so excited! I have several Hoya plants growing all over the house, but none have bloomed for me. Until now. My Hoya sp. aff burtoniae has opened up its first bloom with many more growing. Let me show you what its blooms look like. This isn’t going to be a long blog about theContinue reading “My Very First Hoya is Blooming!”

Have You Seen My Hoya Hindu Rope???

She’s a beast for sure! I have been caring for this plant for 3 years now and she captures my interest still. Which is saying something because I have a track record for getting bored with plants and selling them off without a backwards glance. (Poor babies.) What can I say? I’m a girl whoContinue reading “Have You Seen My Hoya Hindu Rope???”