Repotting and Dividing a Giant Aloe Vera Plant

Hello my friends and happy New Year! My sister showed up at my house a couple days ago with this poor awkward Aloe plant and asked for my help. My mom originally purchased this Aloe in a tiny 3″ pot at Walmart. I don’t remember the date, but I was there the day that sheContinue reading “Repotting and Dividing a Giant Aloe Vera Plant”

How to Care for Episcia ‘Strawberry Mist’

I can’t figure out why more people aren’t obsessed with these plants. They have some of the prettiest leaves of any houseplants I’ve ever seen (see photo below). Episcias have lovely and delicate spade-shaped leaves. Their leaves are covered in tiny soft hairs and come in a rainbow of colors; pink, green, gray, blue andContinue reading “How to Care for Episcia ‘Strawberry Mist’”

I’m President of the Yellow Leaf Club

Are you one of our members? I hope not because it means you may be feeling sad and most likely inadequate too. But if you are one of our sad members, maybe this blog will offer you some hope. And help. Let me be honest…writing this blog has left me feeling super vulnerable. Because whenContinue reading “I’m President of the Yellow Leaf Club”

What (Really) is Soil?

I’ve been aware of the differences between soil and potting mix for at least the last ten years. But I didn’t start hearing the YouTube plant people getting worked up about the nomenclature issue until about the last year or two. I figured it was a good topic to discuss with my planty friends here.Continue reading “What (Really) is Soil?”

How to Care for Your Plant in Fall and Winter – Yellowing/Dead Leaves On Your Houseplants

This post is being aimed at beginner plant mamas and papas as a tutorial. But it’s also meant to encourage those experienced plant parents. Complete newbie or professional grower, let me give you a reminder that Fall is the time of year when our houseplants will struggle a bit and start showing us signs ofContinue reading “How to Care for Your Plant in Fall and Winter – Yellowing/Dead Leaves On Your Houseplants”