What Is Lechuza Pon?

I’ve just begun my journey into Lechuza planters and I decided that I may as well just do it all the way and use the Lechuza substrate (called “pon”) instead of my normal potting mix and see how things go….. In case you aren’t familiar with Lechuza planters, they are planters that are designed withContinue reading “What Is Lechuza Pon?”

String of Hearts Potting Mix Recipe

This potting mix is a must have in my household. And no better day to talk about String of Hearts care than on Valentine’s Day. Right? This recipe is the potting mix I use for my String of Hearts plants (I currently own three) but it would be a great mix for most of theContinue reading “String of Hearts Potting Mix Recipe”

Potting Soil vs. Potting Mix – Is There Really a Difference?

Yup. There sure is (a difference). In the most basic definition, potting soil is meant to be used outside in your flower beds, vegetable gardens or landscaping. Potting mix is a soilless mix of peat, perlite and bark (generally), meant for use indoors with houseplants. And that’s the end of this article. That was easy.Continue reading “Potting Soil vs. Potting Mix – Is There Really a Difference?”

What (Really) is Soil?

I’ve been aware of the differences between soil and potting mix for at least the last ten years. But I didn’t start hearing the YouTube plant people getting worked up about the nomenclature issue until about the last year or two. I figured it was a good topic to discuss with my planty friends here.Continue reading “What (Really) is Soil?”