My Results Growing Plants in Lechuza Pon

Growing my beloved houseplants in alternative potting mixes was not something I’d ever really considered. For years, I have enjoyed mixing up ingredients to create the perfect potting mixes for each of my plants. But I always shied away from using “soil-less” growing media. Until I started slowly killing my second Monstera adansonii with chronicContinue reading “My Results Growing Plants in Lechuza Pon”

What Is Lechuza Pon?

I’ve just begun my journey into Lechuza planters and I decided that I may as well just do it all the way and use the Lechuza substrate (called “pon”) instead of my normal potting mix and see how things go….. In case you aren’t familiar with Lechuza planters, they are planters that are designed withContinue reading “What Is Lechuza Pon?”