How to Care for Philodendron ‘Florida Ghost’

The Florida Ghost is one of my top five favorite houseplants. Their leaf shape is one of the most interesting of the Philodendrons; straight out of a jungle. Their most exciting quality, in my opinion, is the bright white color of the new leaves. They contrast so nicely from the green of the mature leaves.Continue reading “How to Care for Philodendron ‘Florida Ghost’”

Plant Disaster – My Giant Rhaphidophora Snapped

If I had given this plant the proper support, we wouldn’t be here right now… I was innocently walking through my living room and I heard a snapping sound followed by my huge, beautiful Rhaphidophora tetrasperma tipping off of a plant stand and crashing down onto the floor. Lechuza pon spilled all over the carpetingContinue reading “Plant Disaster – My Giant Rhaphidophora Snapped”

Peace Lily Silver Streak – Personality Conflict Episode 1

There are always a few “problem child” plants in any sizeable plant collection and mine is no exception. Three plants come to mind as I am thinking of which plants are currently giving me issues, but I think I’ll focus on just the one for now. It’s been giving me trouble for quite a while.Continue reading “Peace Lily Silver Streak – Personality Conflict Episode 1”

Grow Lights For Winter (or All Year Long)

I get asked about grow lights at least every other planty conversation I engage in. These days, it seems that almost all my conversations are plant-related. But that may be because I steer every conversation in the direction of my plants. I’m not sorry. My houseplants make me happy. For those of you who justContinue reading “Grow Lights For Winter (or All Year Long)”

A Tale of Two Rhaphis (Rhaphidophora tetrasperma)

This blog is a comparison of my two Rhaphidophora tetrasperma plants – one is a tissue culture Rhaphi and the other began its life as a stem cutting. If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you may remember an article I posted a year ago, questioning if I’d paid (a very handsome sum)Continue reading “A Tale of Two Rhaphis (Rhaphidophora tetrasperma)”

Night Blooming Cereus – How to Care for Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Epiphyllum are known as some of the easiest houseplants you could ever dream of growing. But maybe you are new in your plant parenthood journey or just new to the genus and have some questions. Hopefully, this article will give you some guidance. We will discuss; watering, light, best location in the house, temperature, fertilizer,Continue reading “Night Blooming Cereus – How to Care for Epiphyllum oxypetalum”

My Results Growing Plants in Lechuza Pon

Growing my beloved houseplants in alternative potting mixes was not something I’d ever really considered. For years, I have enjoyed mixing up ingredients to create the perfect potting mixes for each of my plants. But I always shied away from using “soil-less” growing media. Until I started slowly killing my second Monstera adansonii with chronicContinue reading “My Results Growing Plants in Lechuza Pon”

How to Care for Variegated String of Hearts

If you are new to the String of Hearts or have struggled with caring for this plant in the past, this article should give you some guidance. We will discuss; watering, light, best location in the house, temperature, fertilizer, humidity, flowers, insects, diseases, pruning, propagation and toxicity. It’s not difficult to see why this isContinue reading “How to Care for Variegated String of Hearts”