Plant Disaster – My Giant Rhaphidophora Snapped

If I had given this plant the proper support, we wouldn’t be here right now…

I was innocently walking through my living room and I heard a snapping sound followed by my huge, beautiful Rhaphidophora tetrasperma tipping off of a plant stand and crashing down onto the floor. Lechuza pon spilled all over the carpeting and the three stems of my plant had all snapped right off the top of my plant.

Just like that, my big beautiful plant is reduced to a fraction of its size.

This Rhaphidophora had been growing in my living room for just over two years. It came to me in September of 2019 as a four leaf stem cutting. This was back when you could not buy a Rhaphidophora in the United States. I had attempted several disastrous imports of the plant, each dying more quickly than the last and completely destroying my planty confidence. Finally, I found a U.S. seller with a few stem cuttings for sale. It arrived in rough shape, but I managed to baby it through that rough transition time and slowly but surely, it became the huge jungle leaved plant that I had been dreaming of.

Before it was broken, my plant reached all the way to our 9 foot ceiling and then trailed back down about another 3 feet.

Until I broke my poor baby.

Three broken stems and Lechuza pon all over the carpet. Sigh…

So be warned by me and give your plants some proper supports to climb. I’ve actually linked the moss poles that I’m now using down below if you are interested. No more bamboo poles for my plants. I’ve learned my lesson.

Upon further reflection, I also think that my plant was terribly unbalanced because I refused to propagate it. What I mean is, if I had taken cuttings and grown them all around my bamboo poles (or a moss pole), they would have balanced each other out and the potential for tipping over would have gone down drastically. So I’m vowing to you now that I will not be afraid to cut my expensive or rare plants anymore.

I plan to start cutting immediately…I’m looking at you, Philodendron ‘Florida Ghost’!

New leaves on my Philodendron ‘Florida Ghost’ come in a bright, beautiful white.

Thanks so much for reading! If you’d like to see this in a video format, here’s the YouTube video.

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Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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