My 10 Favorite Hoyas – Winter 2021 Edition

I just made it through a long dry spell where I fell out of love with my Hoyas. Perhaps nursing multiple cases of root rot caused my apathy, we may never know for sure. Ha. What I can say is that I’m thrilled to be loving my Hoyas again.

10. Hoya lacunosa (Black) – I found this Hoya at a Lowe’s about six months ago. I grabbed it up and spent the next few months nursing it back to health. I’m so glad I did because it is a really beautiful plant. I’ve never seen black leaves on a Hoya lacunosa, but it’s a close relative of H. krohniana which has a black leaf form so it makes sense that H. lacunosa can have black leaves too. I’m so happy I found this Hoya. It feels really special.

9. Hoya pubicalyx ‘Royal Hawaiian Purple’ – Three of these Hoyas live in my house, so I guess it’s safe to say that they are a favorite. Their growth is about the fastest of any of the Hoyas that I have owned and their leaves are simple and beautiful. If you are a Hoya lover and don’t own one, you should add this one to your wishlist.

Top left – Hoya callistophylla. The new leaf is the biggest one. Top right – Hoya ‘Seanie’. Bottom left – Hoya lacunosa with beautiful black leaves covered in silver splashes. Bottom right – Hoya pubicalyx ‘Royal Hawaiian Purple’.

8. Hoya ‘Seanie’ – I love this Hoya for two reasons. First, is the beautiful and rather unusual leaf shape. Second is the dark, almost black, leaves. One of the parents of Hoya ‘Seanie’ is Hoya archboldiana, so I hope I’ll get to see those giant Hoya blooms someday.

7. Hoya callistophylla – This poor Hoya almost died a horrible death by root rot just over a year ago. Then it sat for the following year and did not grow one leaf or stem. I figured all was lost but it must have used the time to recover its root system. At the beginning of December, a full year and two months after its near death experience, I found the tiniest new growth point. Within a few days the tiny growth point began forming a leaf which is now the largest leaf on the plant. There are currently two tiny new leaves growing as well. Long story short (too late), I’ve fallen back in love with Hoya callistophylla. Hopefully she keeps giving me beautiful new leaves.

Top left – Hoya crassipetiolata. The leaves on this plant are some of my most favorite Hoya leaves. Top right – Hoya polyneura. This Hoya is one of the most beautiful Hoyas in my opinion. Bottom left – Hoya ‘Viola’. Bottom right – Hoya callistophylla ‘Kalimantan’. The top two leaves are brand new.

6. Hoya callistophylla ‘Kalimantan’ – I feel like this Hoya looks exactly like the regular H. callistophylla except with bigger and longer leaves. So H. callistophylla on steroids basically.

5. Hoya wayetti variegata – One of the easiest Hoyas to care for in my opinion is Hoya wayetti. The variegated H. wayetti is just as easy care as the non-variegated plant. They have both bloomed for me which always endears Hoyas to me. The leaves on the variegated plant sun stress to a brilliant pink (pictured below).

The completely gorgeous variegated Hoya wayetti.

4. Hoya ‘Viola’ – Like many of the other Hoyas on this list, H. ‘Viola’ has recently been giving me new leaves. Giant new leaves to be specific. The new leaves also are coming in a deep forest green color as compared to the smaller, pale green leaves it had been giving me. I’m not sure why the difference in leaf size and color and I’m certainly not complaining.

3. Hoya polyneura – I got this plant in July as a tiny cutting with three leaves. It began growing as soon as it acclimated and is now a decently long plant. My plan is to take several cuttings, root them and then replant them all together to make a lovely full planter of Hoya polyneura. I’ll probably wait until spring to take the cuttings since it has slowed its growth recently.

2. Hoya crassipetiolata (Splash) – This beauty is a wishlist plant for me. I got it as a Christmas gift from my husband (bless him) who understands my desperate love of Hoyas. I’ve only had it for a few weeks so I haven’t even seen it grow, but I’m including it on this list in the hopes that someday it will be a big gorgeous plant.

Hoya linearis blooms smell like soft citronella.

1. Hoya linearis – My H. linearis is actually taller than I am. Not hyperbole, I can actually hold it over my head and it is still touching the ground. I’d say it’s just under six feet tall. H. linearis is easily my favorite Hoya at the moment. I think maybe it’s always my favorite. This Hoya has never given me any grief which makes any plant a more attractive one to me. This is the first time this Hoya has bloomed for me (in two years) and they are certainly worth the wait. They are the longest lived Hoya blooms I’ve ever seen and the scent is like a light citronella. Not overpowering, just a light perfume when you enter the room. I took what felt like hundreds of cuttings of this plant in the fall and they are currently propagating. Fingers crossed, I should have several of these for sale in my Etsy shop in the spring.

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Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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4 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Hoyas – Winter 2021 Edition

  1. Hi Bridget, Happy New Year to you and your family. I have a question re a grow light which you previously spoke about. My plant shelf is 3′ X 14″ deep that I need a grow light for. The Aoesbeic is really too large for my space I think and I wondered what you now think of your Monios grow light which seems like it might be a more reasonable fit. I have house plants on the shelf which will go outside in the summer. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    ps I love your hoyas!


    1. Hi Carol and Happy New Year!! I hope you and yours are doing well.
      The Monios lights would be the better choice for shelves that are completely enclosed and need a light on each shelf.
      If you have open shelves, glass shelves or shallow shelves where each plant is near the edge, I’d use a larger light like the Aoesbeic and hang it from the ceiling. I hope this helps!


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