Did I Get My 2021 Wishlist Plants?

So, the idea for this blog is simple…I’ll go through my houseplant wish list from last year and let you know if I got the plant or not. If I didn’t get the plant, I’ll let you know if it’s on my 2022 wish list and why or why not. If I did get the plant, I’ll tell you how it’s doing and give you my thoughts about it. Thankfully, my wish list was a short one last year (Here’s the original blog Houseplant Wishlist 2021).

#6 Wish List plant – Hoya deykeae

I didn’t get it, friends. I still have a crush on the H. deykeae. But at this point I am thinking that I have enough drama in the Hoya family currently (I’m looking at you, Callistophylla!) without adding another fussy queen to my collection.

(Update edit: One of my Instagram friends has offered to trade me a Hoya deykeae cutting for a cutting of my beautiful Hoya vitellina. We’ll trade when the weather is warm enough to safely ship plants so it looks like I’ll be crossing this one off of my list in a few weeks. Bring on the deykeae drama.)

#5 Wish List plant – Hoya gunung gading

I couldn’t afford it and so still don’t own this plant. I remain just as smitten and, thankfully, the price of this plant has dropped down. But I think I’m going to wait for the price to fall a bit more. It still commands a hefty price tag (it’s running $185 – $200 for a cutting with two to three leaves) and is a notoriously difficult to grow Hoya. I’ll leave it on my wish list for 2022 since it is still one of the most beautiful Hoyas in existence, but I have no plans to purchase it until the price falls significantly. In case I get it and then kill it.

#4 Wish List plant – Rhaphidophora decursiva

I found this one, dear Reader. It’s everywhere nowadays. I assume the R. decursiva has been tissue cultured because it has been in every garden center I’ve visited since about August of 2021.

Grow, baby, grow! My Rhaphidophora decursiva is taking a break from growing this winter.

My plant is actually two plants that I potted up together. It lives down in my basement which is not providing ideal temperatures or humidity this winter. The lack of prime conditions has stalled its growth but I’m looking forward to a massive jungle plant in the upcoming growing season (see photo above).

#3 Wish List plant – Hoya carnosa ‘Argentea Princess’

Heck no, I didn’t get this one. I actually only found one for sale in the past year. It was in an auction on Facebook and the opening bid was $1,000. So, no, I don’t own this plant. Also, I’m going to take it off of my wish list for 2022 because I’m not feeling gaga about it anymore. I don’t even think the price has soured me on this plant, I’ve lost the “need” to own it. Have you ever lost the desire for a plant that used to be on your wish list? Make sure to comment below with your plant wish list experiences.

#2 Wish List plant – Hoya ‘Larisa’

I bought this one! If memory serves, I got this Hoya at the beginning of 2021. It is still one of my favorite plants after owning it. Larisa has some truly lovely leaves and seems to be an easy care plant.

My Hoya ‘Larisa’ is one of my favorite plants.

It arrived with two leaves originally and has given me two more leaves under my care (see photo above). I’m hoping to get many more leaves this year now that the plant is acclimated to my environment. Also after growing it for a year I feel like I have a decent knowledge of its care needs.

#1 Wish List plant – Hoya carnosa ‘Nova Ghost’

I did not get this plant. But…I just purchased a very similar looking Hoya that is (in my opinion) even prettier than the NG. The Hoya I bought is called Hoya nicholsoniae ‘New Guinea Ghost’. Both plants have silvery gray leaves, but I like the leaf shape of the NGG better than the leaves of the NG. Additionally, the leaves of the NGG can sunstress to the loveliest purple/pink color which perfectly complements the shiny silver leaf coating. You should really take a minute and Google some photos of this plant.

You may be wondering why I didn’t put the NGG on my wish list last year and the answer is simple. I didn’t even know it existed. Now that I have seen many examples of both plants, it’s quite simple. I love the New Guinea Ghost. I don’t even have my plant yet because Ohio is currently being pounded with ice, snow and wind; just a typical January for us. The seller agreed to keep my plant and ship it when the weather permits. Until then, it’ll be visions of the New Guinea Ghost dancing in my head.

I really enjoyed going back through my wish list with you. I feel proud that I didn’t get all of the plants on it. It makes me feel like I’ve curated my plant collection thoughtfully over the past year.

I hope you are all doing well, staying safe and keeping warm. Take care, my friends.

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Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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2 thoughts on “Did I Get My 2021 Wishlist Plants?

  1. ​Man, your “wish list” took a hit! Well, if you had them all at one year, you’d have nothing left to want! – so it was a good thing?☺️



    1. I think it was a good thing…it’s not like I have a lot of space for a bunch of new plants! Ha. Hope you’ve got your driveway all cleared after all that snow. We’ve certainly had more snow shoveling than we’ve ever wanted 🙂


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