My 2022 Houseplant Wishlist

It is becoming a difficult task to make plant wish lists. I am personally at a place in my plant collecting where I will either have to build a glass house on our property to grow my plants or give up on the hobby entirely. That’s it. That’s where we’re at, my friends.

Actually, my way of dealing with the space issue is I have to keep only my favorite plants. All of the plants I grow are my favorites, there’s no room in my house for any plants that kept just to impress others or because they’re a popular plant. I have to choose very carefully when it comes to new plants. Any new plants that come in our home mean getting rid of one of the favorites I already own (#firstworldproblems). Something I do like about my situation is that I am forced to make mindful choices whenever I am plant shopping.

With those issues in mind, my list this year has nine plants. My plan is to try one new plant at a time and to grow it for several months before deciding if it becomes a “favorite”. If so, it will stay and take the place of one of my other plants which will then have to be sold off.

#9 Hoya multiflora – It may baffle you, Reader, that this Hoya is on my list. Even a year ago I wouldn’t have included it on my wish list, I used to think of it as rather plain. In the past, I collected Hoyas almost exclusively for their beautiful and interesting foliage with no care whatever for their flowers. But after 2021 gave me loads of Hoya blooms, I’ve begun to look at Hoyas with a new set of eyes. If you haven’t Googled the blooms of Hoya multiflora, you really should. You might add it to your list too.

#8 Philodendron ‘Dean McDowell’ – These Philos have large pillowy, heart-shaped leaves. Oh yes please! When I consider the shortage of space in our home, I don’t plan on buying this plant any time soon. Maybe someday when I have a house with an attached conservatory. What??? A girl can dream.

#7 Hoya gunung gading – This is the only plant that has remained on my wish list from last year. (You can see my 2021 Houseplant Wishlist here.) I’ll just share the same description of this Hoya from last year…This plant is one that I desire to own because of the colors it is capable of displaying. It can literally look like a rainbow. The leaves, under sun-stress conditions, will have red, purple, orange, brown and yellow colors as well as their beautiful jungle green (non-sun-stressed) color. This Hoya has strong dark veining and rather large paddle-shaped leaves.

#6 Anthurium pallidiflorum – Have you grown Anthurium? I haven’t yet. But I’m willing to give it a go for this amazing plant. It has extremely long, pendant leaves that are thick and strappy, like belt straps. If you’re not familiar with it, it is very similar to Anthurium vittarifolium except that A. pallidiflorum’s leaves have a luxurious velvety texture. I’m willing to try a new genus of plants because I am so taken with this beautiful plant.

#5 Syngonium steyermarkii – I’m a Syngonium lover and this one has leaves that are really different from most houseplants. It’s extremely pricey and that’s if you can even find a cutting for sale. So I doubt I’ll get to add this plant to my collection in 2022. But, I’d sure like to grow one.

#4 Philodendron ‘Patriciae’ – Here’s another large jungle plant and this one has super long, rippled leaves. The mature leaves of P. ‘Patriciae’ are a thing of beauty. And just like with the P. ‘McDowell’, I won’t purchase this plant until/unless I have space from selling off a plant.

#3 Hoya EPC-319 PG-04 – There are so many names for this Hoya it can be confusing to know what is available out there. I’ll go ahead and list all the names I found this plant listed as so you can look it up if you want to – Hoya PG 04, Hoya sp. PG04, Hoya EPC 319, Hoya sp. Zambales, Hoya mini wayetti, and Hoya mini kentiana are the names I found in just a few minutes of searching. There are probably even more out there.

It is called mini wayetti/kentiana because the leaves are shaped and colored exactly like a Hoya wayetti, just a miniature version. It’s easy to see why people are wanting to get ahold of this one. This Hoya is such a cutie and I can usually find room for a new window plant so it’s the perfect plant for my wish list.

#2 Hoya ‘Kaimuki’ – This Hoya is a hybrid of Hoya archboldiana and Hoya macgillivrayi. The flowers are huge just like both of its parent plants and the blooms last for weeks. I also really like the long deep green foliage too so I hope to own this plant in 2022.

#1 Philodendron ‘Florida Beauty’ – If you don’t look up any of the other plants on this list, at least look at some pictures of this one. Just looking at these plants lowers my blood pressure. They have the same leaf shape as Philodendron ‘Florida Ghost’ and Philodendron pedatum and they can start growing mature leaves fairly quickly which I like too. If I can find one with nice variegation and a decent price tag, I’ll certainly make room for it here.

That’s it for me. Which plants are on your wish list for 2022? Do we have any wish list plants in common?

I do hope your 2022 is plant-filled. Thanks for reading!

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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