Houseplant Wishlist 2021

Have you made a houseplant wish for 2021? I just made mine and it was harder than I would have thought. My house is at maximum capacity for plants at this point so any new plants that I buy come at the cost of getting rid of one of my other plants. There’s just no room left. So my list for this year is a short one, only six plants, but I think they’re pretty exciting.

#6 Wish list plant – Hoya deykeae

Isn’t she beautiful? This Hoya has leaves that almost have a heart shape and are oh so pretty. They have that lovely veining and if that isn’t enough, they have white splashes on the leaves as well. This Hoya is a looker. I wish that I could include photos at this point, but I don’t own these plants and I don’t really want to post photos that I don’t own the rights to so…sorry. If you type the plant name into Google, you’ll see loads of lovely photos.

#5 Wish list plant – Hoya gunung gading

This plant is one that I desire to own because of the colors it is capable of displaying. It can literally look like a rainbow. The leaves, under sun-stress conditions, will have red, purple, orange, brown and yellow colors as well as their beautiful jungle green (non-sun-stressed) color. Like the Hoya deykeae, this plant has strong dark veining and rather large paddle-shaped leaves.

#4 Wish list plant – Rhaphidophora decursiva

The only plant on my 2021 wish list that isn’t a Hoya is this one, the Rhaphidophora decursiva. If you Google this one for photos, make sure that you look up both the juvenile form and the mature leaf forms of this plant because they are different. Both are beautiful and both give me that lovely “jungle” feeling which is why I’m thinking that I must own one of these plants.

#3 Wish list plant – Hoya carnosa argentea ‘Princess’

This Hoya has beautiful variegated leaves with a silver sheen. The silver sheen is actually caused by the leaf cuticle which has a grayish cast. A few months ago, I didn’t even know that this Hoya existed. Now all I know is that I must own one. They’re highly sought after and impossibly expensive if you can even glimpse one for sale. I have literally no hopes of ever owning this plant. But that’s why they call it a “wish” list. Right?

#2 Wish list plant – Hoya ‘Larisa’

Larisa is a beauty that is similar to wish list plants #1 and #2. Her leaves are even larger though and this isn’t a Hoya that I will be trying to sun stress. I love the colors and markings on her leaves without any of the extras. Larisa’s leaves can vary from a deep dark green to a more lime green in color and have strong, dark veining. But it’s the big white splotches on top of the leaves that really draw me to this plant. I’m like a moth to a flame with this one.

#1 Wish list plant – Hoya carnosa ‘Nova Ghost’

Nova Ghost has leaves that are completely silver. She’s a true treat for the eyeballs. The leaves are fairly small and the silver leaf coloring on this Hoya is caused by a grayish colored cuticle, just as with the H. carnosa argentea ‘Princess’. Again, this rare Hoya is so sought after that I do not have any hope or expectations of owning it. Just get ready, my friend, because if you look this one up on Google, you’ll be adding it to your 2021 wish list too. Ha.

This has been terribly fun, but now I must go teach my sixth grader. Because that’s what I do now. Stay at home and teach sixth grade Math and Language Arts. Please…someone send chocolate!

Take care of yourselves and remember to give yourself goodness and kindness. We all can benefit from a little bit of mercy right now.

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Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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