My 10 Favorite Hoyas – Winter 2021 Edition

I just made it through a long dry spell where I fell out of love with my Hoyas. Perhaps nursing multiple cases of root rot caused my apathy, we may never know for sure. Ha. What I can say is that I’m thrilled to be loving my Hoyas again. 10. Hoya lacunosa (Black) – IContinue reading “My 10 Favorite Hoyas – Winter 2021 Edition”

My Very First Hoya is Blooming!

I’m so excited! I have several Hoya plants growing all over the house, but none have bloomed for me. Until now. My Hoya sp. aff burtoniae has opened up its first bloom with many more growing. Let me show you what its blooms look like. This isn’t going to be a long blog about theContinue reading “My Very First Hoya is Blooming!”