My Results Growing Plants in Lechuza Pon

Growing my beloved houseplants in alternative potting mixes was not something I’d ever really considered. For years, I have enjoyed mixing up ingredients to create the perfect potting mixes for each of my plants. But I always shied away from using “soil-less” growing media. Until I started slowly killing my second Monstera adansonii with chronic inconsistent watering…

Full disclosure, this was not a scientific experiment in any way. I had a few differences in variables which I will explain in a bit. But first, why don’t I show you the comparison photo?

These two Marantas were the same size three months ago.

So let me explain my little experiment. I started with two Marantas of the same size. They started in identical sized pots. Both Marantas have variegation; one has a section of almost pure white leaves while the rest of that plant is completely unvariegated, the other plant has a little bit of variegation on all of its leaves. So, already, this experiment is flawed in that the plants are somewhat dissimilar.

I removed as much of the soil as possible from one plant and repotted it in a Lechuza planter using a completely soil-less potting mix called “pon”. Lechuza pon to be exact. It is produced by the same company that makes the planters I am currently obsessing over. The other (poor) plant stayed in the pot it came in with no changes of potting mix or pot size. So, again, not perfect experiment parameters since both plants should have been repotted into the same pot but with different soil media. Oh well.

Despite my lack of scientific method I do believe that my results show that the Lechuza pon is a great alternative to a more traditional potting mix. And if you are an inconsistent waterer, like I am, then the Lechuza self-watering planters are an excellent way to correct that issue.

If you’d like to watch this in a video form, I’ve linked my YouTube video – Growing Plants in Lechuza Pon. I’ll also include a link to the video of Planting My Maranta in Lechuza Pon.

Thanks to all who have read this, I hope you are all doing well.

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Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

3 thoughts on “My Results Growing Plants in Lechuza Pon

  1. ​Man, you’re making me think I MAY want to plant a thing or two that people gave me in that stuff – but do I understand from you that maybe it’s not the mix, but the POT that is important?
    On another subject, you never answered me about the trees that you and Tim did NOT get to inspect. I can still do that for you.
    Stay well, stay cool, and try to stay DRY! 😊 sue



    1. Hi Pamela! I actually purchase mine in a local garden center. It is basically impossible to order online. They seem to be perpetually out of stock.
      If you have a garden center nearby, I’d recommend checking to see if they carry Lechuza products. If not, you could buy a few “ingredients” and mix a pon of your own. I hope this is at least a little bit helpful to you. Take care.


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