How Many Hoyas Can I Fit in My House?

It seems like that has been the question I have been attempting to answer around here. The only indoor plants I have purchased in the last six months have been Hoyas. No exceptions that I can remember. I guess Hoyas are my new favorites. Gone are the days when I was happy bringing in a new Peperomia with their tiny pots and tidy growth habits. For some reason, I’ve grown an attachment to Hoyas, most of which grow into monster sized plants requiring either hanging planters or trellising systems. (Insert a quiet sigh.) Why, why, why?

Really though, there is no reason to question my love for these plants. Have you seen their blooms? Have you smelled their blooms? And that gorgeous foliage…they’re beautiful even if they choose to never bloom. The Hoyas chose me. And in addition to all those wonderful qualities there’s the fact that Hoyas thrive under my growing style. I like to call it benign neglect. That’s a euphemism for, “I water my plants when I have time to. Which is never.” What can I say, my friends, I’m a busy girl. But my Hoyas just love it. No over watering to worry about in my household.

Hoya pubicalyx ‘Royal Hawaiian Purple’ with pink splashes on the leaves.

So just how many Hoya plants do I currently own you ask? Hmmm…let me just do a walk around my house and count…twenty-five. I have twenty-five Hoya plants in my house. That seems a little bit excessive to me. What do you think? The number of actual different species/cultivars of Hoyas I own is twenty-one because I own doubles of a couple of plants. Originally, I bought those extras so that I could pot two plants into a single pot and have fuller looking plants. And I may still do that. Or those extras may have to be sold on my Etsy shop. I haven’t decided for sure what I want to do with them.

Hoya macrophylla albo marginata; one of my favorites.

Thankfully, most of the Hoya plants that I currently own are not huge mature plants. Many of them are small, living in 3″ or 4″ pots. But what are they going to look like in a few years? That’s the thought that is haunting me right now. The growth on some of these plants is lightening fast. My Hoya obovata for example has put on three new leaves in the matter of a couple of weeks. The leaves are fully sized already and the next leaf pair has already formed. I think I may be in some serious trouble here.

Some of my Hoyas enjoying life under the grow lights.

Just for posterity, let me put out a list of my current Hoyas and that way we’ll see how that number changes in the future. Here we go…

  • #1 – Hoya carnosa compacta (Hoya Hindu Rope)
  • #2 – Hoya carnosa rubra ‘Krimson Princess’
  • #3 – Hoya carnosa rubra ‘Krimson Queen’ – 2 plants
  • #4 – Hoya pubicalyx (unknown cultivar)
  • #5 – Hoya wayetti
  • #6 – Hoya linearis
  • #7 – Hoya affinis – 2 plants
  • #8 – Hoya Mathilde
  • #9 – Hoya rotundifolia
  • #10 – Hoya pubicalyx ‘Royal Hawaiian Purple’ – 3 plants
  • #11 – Hoya obovata
  • #12 – Hoya kerrii
  • #13 – Hoya macrophylla ‘Splash’
  • #14 – Hoya ‘Rebecca’
  • #15 – Hoya lacunosa
  • #16 – Hoya heuschkeliana (yellow form)
  • #17 – Hoya vitellina ‘Splash’
  • #18 – Hoya macrophylla albo marginata
  • #19 – Hoya ‘Viola’
  • #20 – Hoya curtisii
  • #21 – Hoya kentiana variegata

I’d love to know your favorite Hoyas. Comment below if you’d be kind enough to share that with me. I’d also love to know which Hoyas I don’t have, but you think I should buy and also which Hoyas you have owned but really dislike. I’m really curious to know your thoughts!

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I hope that you are all healthy and happy.

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

4 thoughts on “How Many Hoyas Can I Fit in My House?

  1. ​Yep, I agree. I had a friend who had a big one hanging inside her kitchen window. Man – that plant was the most heavonly fragarant! Messy, but smelled pretty! Hope you all been well over there. You’re about to go from “shivver” to “roast” outside. WHAT IS THIS???!!! sue


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