Perfect Outdoor Gardening Gifts for Mother’s Day

If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a special gardener in your life, this blog is for you. I’ve included links below to give you an idea of what is out there. Also, I’ll try and list these from least expensive to most expensive. Hopefully you’ll find that to be helpful…

#10 – Cooling Towels – It may not seem like much, but working in sweltering summer heat can cause some serious stress on the body. Cooling towels are a wonderful relief and can actually bring the body temperature down and continue to cool down the body for quite a while. I use them around my neck but they can also be tied around the forehead too. They generally come in a package with multiple towels which is great since they will need to be laundered after use and gardeners are generally out in their gardens daily. Here is a link to cooling towels so you can have a look. There are tons of different companies out there so find something that looks good for your gardener.

#9 – Knee Pads – Another gift that is aimed at giving comfort to your beloved gardener is knee pads. Now, many would go with a kneeling pad as a gift which is perfectly fine. But personally I’m a gardener who just can’t use kneeling pads. Every time I have tried a kneeling pad it has been an exercise in frustration. I move a few inches and have to stop and adjust it. That quickly ends with me leaving it behind and tearing up my kneecaps instead. Knee pads move with you. Everywhere. And they offer more appropriate support to the kneecap (in my experience, kneeling pads can actually cause knee pain because of the hardness of the material). I believe that these would make a very thoughtful Mother’s Day gift.

#8 – Garden Obelisk – Flower gardens and vegetable gardens can both benefit from the addition of an obelisk. Beans or tomatoes looks so much nicer in a vegetable garden with an obelisk to keep their growth neat and tidy. And any climbing flower (Clematis or vining Black-Eyed Susan) brings drama to the flower garden when given its own obelisk. Price wise, I have placed this item at #8 on our countdown because you can buy obelisks at basically every price range. The one I have linked is the cheapest one I could find, but you can go up in price depending on how fancy and how big of an obelisk you’d like to give to your gardener.

#7 – Bee House – This is a gift for your gardener and for Mother Nature. Native bees are always needing a little bit of shelter and a bee house is just what they are looking for. There are many different shapes and sizes of bee houses which makes it easy to find something that will compliment your garden. As an added bonus, native bees will be buzzing around pollinating all of your flowers, herbs, fruits and/or vegetables.

#6 – A Gardening Book – There are so many great books out there for gardeners. Some focusing on organic gardening, or pests and diseases or even others showing different varieties and cultivars of plants. One of my favorite types of gardening books are the ones with huge photos where I can find inspiration for my own garden. Here are a couple of my favorites…

#5 – Concrete Garden Décor Pieces – Again, concrete pieces for the garden can vary greatly in price, mostly depending on the size of the piece. Smaller pieces can be quite affordable if your budget is tight and can bring a sense of charm and whimsy to your garden space. Conversely, if you really want to pack a punch with your Mother’s Day gift, a new bird bath or fountain can bring some serious drama to the garden.

#4 – A Kangaroo Bag – These are mighty handy to have in a flower or vegetable garden. We gardeners are always looking for some way to collect and transport our cuttings and other garden waste and a Kangaroo Bag is seriously “the bee’s knees”. They have a hard plastic bottom to protect them from ripping or tearing. They can take such a beating. I actually use these in the vineyard to transport my cuttings which are so destructive. I have tears and scratches on/in everything I use…except my Kangaroo bag.

#3 – Felco Hand Pruners (#6) – Outdoor gardening requires cutting tools and Felco hand pruners are the Cadillac of hand pruners. There really is no comparison. I use hand pruners daily for my job and I have used every brand out there. My Felco hand pruners make each cut more effortless and protect my hands from fatigue. There are several different models and I have suggested the #6 since it is designed for people with smaller hands. If your gardener needs hand pruners for branches that are generally thicker than 1/2″, I would suggest the Felco #2 pruners instead.

#2 – A Garden Cart – The ability to move all of my tools and fertilizers and things around my garden so they are right where I need them…well…it’s Xanadu. Once again, there are many varieties and sizes of garden carts out there. I chose this garden cart for a couple of reasons. It is solid and can hold dirt or leaves or cuttings or whatever I need to move around with. I also really appreciate that it can dump the contents out if I need to. Many other carts do not have that option. This third reason that I like this cart in particular is that it sits a lot higher than others I have used. Since I am pretty tall I appreciate the added height.

#1 – A Tree – Maybe I’m oversimplifying things here, but what better gift can you think of than a tree? Our planet is in desperate need of more planted trees and every garden, big or tiny has room for a tree. You just need to go into a garden center and find a tree that is the appropriate size. If you are new to tree buying, let me give you a piece of advice. Choose a tree based on its fully mature size, not what it looks like in the garden center right now. Some trees come in looking tiny and cute and end up at 50 feet tall with a 30 foot canopy. If you decide on gifting a tree for Mother’s Day, make sure that you take a photo of your child/children/grandchildren in front of the new tree. Maybe it can even become a yearly tradition, following the growth and maturity of the children compared to the tree.

I hope this inspires you if you need some inspiration. I hope that you are all staying healthy out there. And I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day.

Lastly, I would like to remember that not all people are able to enjoy Mother’s Day and I want to remember you here too. I’m sure there are some here who have lost a child or a pregnancy. Maybe your relationship with your parents is strained or severed. Many have lost their parents or never had the chance to know them. Whatever your situation, I hope that you can have the best May the 10th as is possible this year. You are in my prayers.

Some or all of the links in this article may be affiliate links.

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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