My Current Favorite Planters

I have been on a bit of a planter buying kick recently. I keep seeing all these amazing handmade pots on Plantstagram and I want one of each. After all, we spend so much time and money growing beautiful plants, it makes sense that we want to display those plants in beautiful pots. I have a few new planters that I’m excited to show you.

Let’s begin with this beauty made by Helen Levi.

I keep my huge Hoya pubicalyx in this planter, but it’s such a crazy grower I had to take it out so that you could see the pot.

Helen throws these planters and many other pottery products in her studio in Brooklyn, New York. Here is a link to her website.

This next artist brings joy and whimsy to your plant collection. Her name is Michelle Allen and I can’t get enough of her planters.

A tiny Syngonium ‘Confetti’ in my Piggy planter

I want to let you know that these planters are Michelle Allen’s designs, but are made from resin. She then hand paints them before shipping them to you. I like the resin planters. They are much more lightweight than heavy ceramics or terra cotta. I really appreciate that Michelle sends each planter with a plastic stopper in the drain hole so that you can choose to plant your houseplant directly in the planter or as I generally do, you can keep your plant in its plastic nursery pot inside another (decorative) cache pot. Here is a link to Michelle Allen’s website.

The next planters that I’m currently loving are not handmade or ceramic. Instead they are the plastic planters made by the Lechuza company.

I’ll just say it, I’m all in with the Lechuza self-watering planters. They are keeping my houseplants really happy. As you may already know, I wanted to start using these planters just for my more “thirsty” plants so that I could keep them alive. (I freely admit to being an inconsistent plant waterer.) But the self-watering planters have been so successful that I’ve branched out and begun using them for plants that I hadn’t originally planned to use. Like my beloved Hoyas, for instance. Besides the wonderful growing results these planters have given me, they are also have many different styles and designs so that you can easily find some that fit in with your aesthetic. Here is a link to the Cube planter by Lechuza. If you are interested in the Playmobil head planters (called “Ojo”) here is a link to the Lechuza website.

The last planters on my list are not new at all. Lately, I’ve been searching Ebay for planters made by the McCoy company. This little succulent planter is most likely from the 1950’s.

The McCoy company had its factory just a few miles from where I live in Ohio. When I discovered a few years ago that this company made many different planter designs including small animal planters, I was delighted. The animal planters they produced are mostly small and surprisingly detailed. They’re perfect for my succulent plants. Sadly, I cannot give you a link for the McCoy company because they have been out of business for decades. But if you like to shop for antiques you could likely find some of these pretty pots. Also I shop on Ebay if I’m looking for a particular size or style of pot by the McCoy pottery company.

I hope you are all doing well! Take care and love each other.

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Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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