My Five Favorite Houseplants – Winter 2023

It’s true that my favorite plants can change daily, but I thought it would be fun to share my current favorites with you.

#5 – Network Calathea (Goeppertia kegeljanii (formerly Calathea musaica)) – I have killed one or two of these plants in the past, but this third one is thriving in my care. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on this plant just because I’ve killed a few in the past. The beautifully patterned leaves make this plant perfect on its own or paired with other foliage plants.

My Calathea musaica is a fantastic grower.

#4 – Fish Tail Hoya / Mermaid Hoya (Hoya polyneura) – Now that I think about it, I’ve killed one of these before too. Hmmm. Maybe this favorites lists has a theme…

The leaves of H. polyneura look just like a mermaid’s tail as you can see (photo below). It’s a lovely plant, I never tire of looking at it. It grows fairly quickly and blooms generously too. The blooms look a bit like large juicy candies. Which is fun.

Hoya polyneura lives in this West facing (bathroom) window with my variegated String of Hearts.

#3 – Philodendron gigas – I haven’t had a chance to grow my plant into a large specimen plant yet, but it isn’t hard to see its potential for greatness. The leaves actually shine. I’m gaga for this plant.

Philodendron gigas has velvety, shimmery leaves.

#2 – Hoya nicholsoniae ‘New Guinea Ghost’ – This Hoya is one of my favorite plants. Essentially, it’s a regular Hoya nicholsoniae that has a silvery cuticle (top layer of the leaf) which is what gives it that minty silver coloring. Then, to add to all the beauty, the leaves can sun stress which adds some pink/purple undertones to the mix.

Hoya ‘New Guinea Ghost’ is a beauty.

#1 – Albo Monstera (Monstera borsigiana ‘Albo Variegata’) – Really, are there any words necessary? This Monstera has everything going for it; heart shaped leaves, leaf fenestrations, and then there’s the gorgeous bright white patches of variegation. It’s completely swoon worthy. No wonder it’s still one of the most sought after houseplants on the market. I feel like everyone should own one of these.

Isn’t she gorgeous??? I often find myself taking a moment to just stop and take in her beauty.

What are your current favorite houseplants? I’d love to know, so please share your favorites in the comments below.

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

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