My Five Favorite Houseplants – Winter 2023

It’s true that my favorite plants can change daily, but I thought it would be fun to share my current favorites with you. #5 – Network Calathea (Goeppertia kegeljanii (formerly Calathea musaica)) – I have killed one or two of these plants in the past, but this third one is thriving in my care. I’mContinue reading “My Five Favorite Houseplants – Winter 2023”

Planting Houseplants in Lechuza Pon

I finally tried it! I’ve planted two of my beloved plants in Lechuza pon. In my most recent blog I tried to break down exactly what the Lechuza planters and pon are and how they work. In this blog, I’d like to just take a minute and walk you through the process of repotting aContinue reading “Planting Houseplants in Lechuza Pon”