What (Really) is Soil?

I’ve been aware of the differences between soil and potting mix for at least the last ten years. But I didn’t start hearing the YouTube plant people getting worked up about the nomenclature issue until about the last year or two. I figured it was a good topic to discuss with my planty friends here.Continue reading “What (Really) is Soil?”

My Agave lophantha ‘Quadricolor’ Repotting Disaster

I just spent the last two days wrestling with plant roots straight from the bowels of Hades. I went into this feeling all confident but things went sideways almost as soon as I got started repotting. You see, my beautiful Agave had been growing in the same pot since I got it. It was aContinue reading “My Agave lophantha ‘Quadricolor’ Repotting Disaster”

Have You Seen My Hoya Hindu Rope???

She’s a beast for sure! I have been caring for this plant for 3 years now and she captures my interest still. Which is saying something because I have a track record for getting bored with plants and selling them off without a backwards glance. (Poor babies.) What can I say? I’m a girl whoContinue reading “Have You Seen My Hoya Hindu Rope???”

Potting Mix Recipe for Hoya Plants

I feel a little anxiety about sharing Hoya advice and experience with others because most of us (Hoya lovers) are as passionate as complete zealots about our Hoyas. All I can do is share my own experiences, my successes and failures, and let you decide which pieces and parts you would like to take andContinue reading “Potting Mix Recipe for Hoya Plants”

How to Care for Your Plant in Fall and Winter – Yellowing/Dead Leaves On Your Houseplants

This post is being aimed at beginner plant mamas and papas as a tutorial. But it’s also meant to encourage those experienced plant parents. Complete newbie or professional grower, let me give you a reminder that Fall is the time of year when our houseplants will struggle a bit and start showing us signs ofContinue reading “How to Care for Your Plant in Fall and Winter – Yellowing/Dead Leaves On Your Houseplants”

Kindness Still Exists – Especially in the Plant World

A few weeks ago I received a letter in the mail addressed to “Person with Beautiful Flowers”. I won’t rewrite it here, but what I can tell you is it was one of the kindest gestures I’ve ever experienced. A sweet woman, that I’ve never met in my life, sent me a letter telling meContinue reading “Kindness Still Exists – Especially in the Plant World”

Rhaphidophora or Cebu Blue Pothos???

This past summer, in the plant world, there was this whole thing about how a mature form Cebu Blue Pothos plant looks shockingly similar to a Rhaphidophora tetrasperma. And because Rhaphis are so sought after, it was inevitable that plant shops would start selling Cebu Blue Pothos (in mature form) as Rhaphis. Of course, myContinue reading “Rhaphidophora or Cebu Blue Pothos???”

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma – My Unicorn Plant

Do you have one? A unicorn plant? Mine is the lovely Rhaphidophora tetrasperma. It’s the stuff of dreams. No, I literally have dreams about this plant. I could spend half of my day in my favorite planty corner of the house and just stroke its smooth leaves. Am I being inappropriate? I bet you haveContinue reading “Rhaphidophora tetrasperma – My Unicorn Plant”

The Best Potting Mix for a Peace Lily

As soon as people find out that I sell houseplants, I am usually asked the same handful of questions. One of those questions is almost always, “Can you help me save my Peace Lily?” (Or something along those lines.) So I figured I’d start my plant blogging journey with some help for all those PeaceContinue reading “The Best Potting Mix for a Peace Lily”

Yeah…I’ve Killed That Before

I’m not exaggerating, my friends. I’ve killed hundreds of plants. Maybe even thousands. I realize that I sound heartless when I say this, but I’m gonna say it anyway. Killing plants is a great way to learn how to keep plants alive. No, seriously! When I lose a plant it gives me a chance toContinue reading “Yeah…I’ve Killed That Before”